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Ellis River Knife Works

New England Colonial Trade & Craft Fair March 28th & 29th 2020 NOTE: Being held same place - CISCO BREWERS, 35 Corporate Dr, PORTSMOUTH NH 03801

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This coming weekend June 4-5 I will be headed to Fort at no.4 in Charleston NH it's a great place .I will be bringing some new knives and a sword I also made some leather belts. Please stop by and say hello. I always thought the older you get things would slow down but I now know I was wrong my real job is crazy busy and it seems there's never enough time to do the things that need to get done not that I'm old. The other day driving to work I followed a car that must have smoked a pack of cigarettes in less than twenty miles it was quite a spectacular fireworks show. Don't get me wrong I have no issues with someone smoking it's great for the economy just think of the impact the tobacco growers, the paper industry, the store, doctors and finally the undertaker well not really the guy that takes care of the cemetery and I'm sure I missed a few so keep smoking. But just because your doing wonders for the economy it don't give you the right to throw your butts out the window and dump your ash tray out at the stop light. So tomorrow morning as I'm heading down Rt106 I'll try to think positive and not run over the A holes that are putting on the fireworks show they are only trying to help. Anyway come to the Fort

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